Empowering India's Construction

INSTRUCT was originally conceived as “Centre of Awareness in Construction and Engineering” (CACE) in October 1989 by few like-minded, dedicated professionals to provide vocational training to grass root level and middle level managers in the construction trades and management..

INSTRUCT is registered under Indian Karnataka Co-operative Societies Act.

In 1997, It was renamed as “Institute for Research Development and Training of Construction Trades and management” (INSTRUCT).

A tradition of excellence

INSTRUCT is a premier institute imparting Quality Education to Construction Industry at Lowest Cost of Delivery. We have completed a total of 1,200 programmes including several seminars / workshops and has trained nearly 28,000 construction staff. Many of these are also organized at the national level.

29 Years

Leading the way

in Designing and

Customizing training programmes.

What we do 

Instruct is a platform to ensure knowledge sharing in Construction Industry so that our country benefits by best practices from around the world, imbibing perpetual improvement in employability of individuals in the Industry.

Core values

To promote integrity, mutual respect for individuals, meritocracy within, to encourage sense of enquiry, imbibes continuous improvement attitude and aims towards employability of persons.



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